ESI Awards


Walking and gentle manoeuvres on the flat. Getting the very first sensations of sliding.
Green Mouse
Snowplough. Knows how to move around without help on the flat. Can get up after a fall. Knows how to use the rope-tow or moving carpet without help.
Bronze Mouse
Straightlining coming to natural stop. Knows how to use the ski-lifts. Basic snowplough turning. Can put on and take off skis without help.
International Crystal
accomplished snowplough turns. Straight running with a gentle change of slope with speed. Traversing in parallel at speed. Accomplished side-stepping.
Bronze Crystal
Basic parallel turns. Basic step turns. Diagonal side-slip. Traversing at speed. Straight running on more varied terrain at speed.
Silver Crystal
Development of smooth turning arcs. Basic skating turns. Parallel skiing. Maintaining balance through bumpy terrain.
Vermilion Crystal
Accomplished skidded turns. Hockey stops. Downhill skating turns. Basic short turns.
Gold Crystal
Accomplished turns with a smooth arc and a notion of carving. Basic jumping. Accomplished short turns. Ability to ski in most snow types.
Diamond Crystal
Carved long turns in all snow types and all pistes. Carved short turns.
Emerald Run
You can ski at ease in all snow types and terrains.
Turquoise Run
You can vary different turn shapes in all snow and terrain including steeps. Can jump obstacles and control speed in all cirumstances.
Ruby Run
snowpark, boardercross and halfpipe. 180°, switch-riding. Basic grabs.
Diamond Run
More advanced tricks. 360°. Advanced switch-riding. Advanced grabs.
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Baby Snow
First ever runs on a snowboard.
The Board
You can put on and take off the board. Can take the drag and chair lifts. Straight lining with one foot attached. Basic traversing. Backside falling-leaf drill and stop.
Bronze Board
Basic turns. Backside and frontside falling leaf. Backside and frontside garlands. Flat 180° back and front. Basic straight-line jumping.
Silver Board
Basic turns with variations of turn type. Basic switch-riding on easy terrain. Flat 360°. 180° traverse, front and back. Basic Ollie. Introduction to Park.
Vermilion Board
Advanced turns with all turning radii. Basic Fakie turn with various turning radii. Flat: 180° Nose Slide and Tail Slide. Ollie and Cab 180°. Advanced Snowpark skills: Aerials with Grabs and Handrails. All snow conditions, all terrain, introduction to off-piste boarding.
Gold Board
Carving on all pistes with all types of turn radius. Advanced switch-riding. Flat: 360° / Nose Press & Tail Press. Snowpark: jumps with grab, rotations, rails. Freeride: Riding in deep snow with all turn shapes.
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Silver Crystal

Development of smooth turning arcs. Basic skating turns. Parallel skiing. Maintaining balance through bumpy terrain.